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I am fascinated by the intersection of light and colors, between nature and the artist's perspective, and then the physical reality of creating an image. During the creation and painting processes themselves I am constantly aware of the purpose of the final images and how that relates to the value that we hold for art. I create by isolating an image from nature through the viewfinder in a camera, taking that photo, then in turn choosing a portion of that to enlarge, isolate, perhaps exaggerate for use as a starting point for drawing freehand a black and white cartoon with a resist. I try to balance between the usefulness of cloth and the implied craft of it and the interaction between all of the surface, colors, shading, variations in patterns, intersecting forms and values, with how it might be worn, or made into a garment, but retaining enough composition on a two-dimensional plane that it could become a wall covering, banner or be framed. I work with liquid dyes, painting directly on the silk using a watercolor brush. Instead of relying on simple flat colors I mix three or four shades of each to be laid in carefully next to each other., for example greens to give a completed leaf unexpected depth. The dyes are team set for permanency and rinsed manually to remove over-dyeing. The vivid colors are lightfast and washable by hand.

Mary Sly has exhibited in the most prestigious craft shows in the nation, including the Smithsonian craft show and the Philadelphia Museum craft show. Now you can see and buy her original designs at her studio. Her one-of-a-kind hand painted silk designs are known for their unique, brilliant colors.

Mary Sly & Dan Wyatt San Juan Silk

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459 Sunrise Ridge P.O. Box 1925

Friday Harbor, WA 98250 (360) 378-7110

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